Manu AR Project

Call for propossals: Acción Estratégica de Economía y Sociedad Digital – Impulso Tecnológico

Subprogramme: A.E.E.S.D. – Impulso Tecnológico

File Number: TSI-100600-2017-13

Year: 2017

The ManuAR project proposes a paradigm shift in the way users interact with operating manuals. The change is based on the creation of innovative digital and interactive “user manuals”, making use of augmented reality as an interface for interaction with the user. In addition, CAD models, illustrations, text manuals, etc. will be used, which will be indexed within the decomposition and recomposition of the equipment/components. Likewise, these contents will be catalogued by means of semantic annotation techniques and markerless markers will be integrated in order to overlap them on the 2D/3D objects.

The ManuAR Project has been co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation, and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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