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Provider of innovative solutions

The strategic lines defined in STT for each of these sectors aim to respond to the demand for new emerging technological solutions in each field of application, so that STT positions itself as a technological supplier of innovative solutions.

Working areas

STT's R&D strategy focuses its efforts on continuous improvement and innovation in the products and services that STT offers its customers. These efforts are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Improvement and innovation in sensors and systems for motion capture, developing research activities in hardware and software.
  • Research in methods for biomechanical analysis of human body movement.
  • Research and innovation in artificial vision systems, focusing activities on the development of software solutions and carrying out technological surveillance tasks in hardware.
  • Research in computer graphics visualisation systems.
  • Research in information processing and storage systems, database technology, big data technologies, machine learning techniques, deep learning, etc.
  • Research in platforms, peripherals and emerging software environments.
  • Research in platforms and technologies related to cloud services (processing, storage, services, etc).

Development and innovation cluster

STT is a member of GAIA, the Basque Association of Knowledge Industries and Applied Technology, a private and professional non-profit organisation created in 1983. It is currently made up of more than 250 companies that offer products and services based on their own Knowledge and Technology (Consultancy, Engineering, Electronics, IT, Telecommunications and Gamification).

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