Intelligent System for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention through Cycling based on EMG technology

Call for propossals: Hazitek – Programa de apoyo a la I+D Empresarial

File Number: ZL-2021/01026

Year: 2021

The main objective of ATAKA is the use of synchronised cameras and movement and force detection systems, with sensorised technical clothing that allows us to analyse electromuscular activity, so that with advanced data processing and algorithms, we can identify the key parameters in order to provide visual feedback of the active musculature at all times to all stakeholders (e.g. fitter, cyclist and rehabilitator), and thus improve performance and prevent injuries. This functionality will allow us to analyse asymmetries and correct incorrect muscle patterns to help optimise technique.

Hazitek fondos FEDER

Action co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2021-2027 (FEDER).

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