Facilities and Assets


At its headquarters in the Zuatzu Business Park (San Sebastián), STT has the following facilities for the development and manufacture of its products:

STT offices


Offices with an area of ​​200 m²

STT Warehouse


Manufacturing workshop with an area of ​​70 m²

Laboratory of STT System


Prototyping and motion capture laboratory of 100 m²


The material resources available include the following:


Information processing and treatment systems:

  • Computers and servers
  • Software development environments
  • Image processing and camera management libraries
  • Own software components for motion capture and adjustment of specific biomechanical models to the generated data
  • Own software components for advanced graphical representation of virtual environments.
Laboratory STT

Hardware and equipment:

  • STT Laboratory:
    • Cameras for artificial vision application development
    • Optical motion capture system
    • Inertial sensors for motion capture
  • 3D facial scanners
  • Three-dimensional plantar scanners
  • Escáneres plantares tridimensionales

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